Market analysis of wireless charging industry in 2017, the application market potential is huge
12-05 / 2017

Core tip: the wireless charging market will increase from $3.4 billion in 2016 to $14 billion in 2022, with penetration rising from 7% to over 60%. Until 2018, the wireless charging market will grow by more than 50%, the momentum is very strong, and the wireless charging industry chain is imminent.

         Wireless charging is a technology that USES the electromagnetic induction principle to transmit and receive inductive communication signals in the transmitting and receiving end using the corresponding coil. The rise of multiple applications and the evolution of intelligent terminal design drive the development of wireless charging market. On the smartphone side, we cancel the 3.5mm headphone interface scheme, resulting in the conflict of charging headphone interface and the enclosed design requirement of dustproof. The need for waterproof design of wearable devices highlights the need for wireless charging. In the popularization of the intelligent device s, with function of rise, battery life is short, frequently become a big problem in the user needs to charge, and wireless charging can let users to get rid of the cable tie, in a certain region within the scope of free activities, bring good experience.


         As wireless charging in the technical bottleneck breakthrough unceasingly, wireless charging technology might be the future smart phones and even the development of the Internet of things is very important of a technology, after the user for the intelligent devices will become more freedom, wireless charging industry usher in commercialization of inflection point. At present, the wireless charging technology is mainly used in consumer electronics (represented by wearable devices and smartphones) and electric vehicles two fields, the future wireless charging can be further extended to furniture, household appliances, emu, station, satellite, warships and aircraft carrier in the fields of application, the incomparably broad market space.

First: Market scale analysis of wireless charging industry

        The wireless charging market is fast growing and is the inevitable choice for the new generation of consumer electronic upgrade. As the important consumer electronics trend in the future, wireless charging shows the trend of accelerating the transformation of technological achievements and the steady rollout of product scale production in recent years. Promulgated by the China's information industry research network in 2017-2022 China's wireless charging industry market outlook in-depth analysis and investment research report, according to data from the wireless charging market will increase from $2016 in 3.4 billion to $2022 in 14 billion, permeability increase from 7% to more than 7%. Until 2018, the wireless charging market will grow by more than 50%, the momentum is very strong, and the wireless charging industry chain is imminent.

Chart: The market scale of wireless charging industry in 2014-2016


                                                                            Data source: three wins consulting

Chart: Forecast of market size of wireless charging industry in 2017-2022


                                                                      Data source: three wins consulting

Second: The wireless charging application market has great potential

        Since 2015, the consumer electronics giant are introduced which has the function of wireless charging products: including apple apple watch, samsung launched gear watch, S6 / S6edge, S7 / S7edge, follow-up will continue to launch more equipped with wireless charging function of consumer electronic products. Smartphone shipments in 2016 were 1.525 billion, with 1.9 billion units expected to be shipped by 2020. With a single wireless charging module of 20-40 yuan, if the penetration rate reaches 50%, the size of the wireless charging market of the smartphone alone could reach 28.5 billion yuan. In addition to mobile phones, wireless charging technology will also be used in many consumer electronic devices such as smartwatches and tablets, which can reach billions of yuan and have huge potential.

        New energy vehicles are another big market for wireless charging applications. High security of wireless charging, small weather impact, saving road space, so compared with charging piles are more suitable for electric vehicles; Devices such as charging stations at the same time, charging pile construction is also difficult to keep up with the growth of electric cars, electric car development constraints become the bottleneck, wireless charging will therefore play an important role for an electric car promotion. According to the government's goal of the development of new energy vehicles, by 2020, the production capacity of China's pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will reach 2 million, with a cumulative sales volume of over 5 million vehicles. If charging infrastructure, and construction of the electric car according to the proportion of 1:2, wireless charging technology permeability is 50%, according to install a wireless charging device ten thousand yuan, is expected in 2020 China's wireless charging only market will be worth billions.

        Near field wireless charging technology is becoming mature and has been preliminarily applied. Near field battle over the wireless charging technology at present, though there is still a standard (represented by WPC, AirFuel two camps), but the overall technology has become mature, charging efficiency has reached more than 80% of the cable charging, and support the high new technology, such as quick charge 2.0 generally 30 minutes to cell phone battery charge to 60%. From the actual promotion, now in addition to the high-end watch due to the need of design aesthetics has begun to widely used wireless charging, the wireless charging is on the phone from nokia the company flagship of the early machine to the promotion of samsung GalaxyS7 now, even the domestic mobile phone (e.g., Vivo), also obtained the preliminary application.

Third: Development prospect analysis of wireless charging industry

        2017 iphone8 big probability to upgrade for wireless charging, iphone8 released in the second half of 2017 will be a historic reform of apple mobile phone, in addition to the surface of OLED screen, glass of the front design may be significant changes in appearance, such as big probability also includes wireless charging function. It is expected that the android camp will fully follow the wireless charging, and apple's product design thinking will still have a decisive influence on the consumer electronics industry. Iphone8 upgrade for wireless charging, therefore, means that over the next three years, most of the android handset makers will also follow up, expected before 2018, samsung, huawei, millet flagship machine will be the standard wireless charging, the whole wireless charging permeability of the smartphone industry is expected to rapidly increasing from 0% to 50% or more.

        With the mature wireless charging technology, future wireless charging technology will be more widely used. SONY's Xperia wireless charging technology is capable of charging 62 percent of the power, and the input power reaches 45W, which can provide a wireless charging distance of 2.8 meters. The Cota wireless charger, developed by Ossia, can provide wireless charging for a full 10m distance transmission. The university of Washington has developed a new PassiveWiFi technology that enables efficient wireless charging through reverse WiFi technology, which has already begun commercial applications. Wireless charging technology launch distance is shorter, limiting the use of experience, and now the long-distance wireless charging technology breakthrough is expected to set off massive commercialization, has 8.5-10 m distance wireless charging can be realized.

       Three wins and researcher at the consulting Jiang Shuijin thinks, wireless charging technology in the past was lower than expected, mainly lies in the low charging efficiency, the cost is high, the charging problem such as short distance, standards, chaos, and now is the bottleneck has been breached, wireless charging technology will usher in the golden period. Wireless charging technology is convenient, safe, high space utilization, etc, to solve the smartphone battery life is short and the shortage of electric vehicle charging pile, so is the inevitable direction of the future charging technology upgrading.


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